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Shallow Quantum Circuits
This was a talk I gave for Evariste – IIITD’s Theory and Math club.
Abstract: Shallow Quantum Circuits are the quantum analogs of constant depth classical circuits. In 2018, Bravyi et al. showed that there is a relational problem that provides an unconditional separation between SQC’s and constant depth bounded fan-in classical circuits. This started a flurry of research which led to a lot of separation results between SQC’s and stronger classes of classical circuits. We will be discussing the motivations behind research on SQC’s and some interesting separation results between SQC’s and strictly local classical circuits, geometrically local classical circuits, and constant depth classical circuits. We also briefly look at these separations in the noisy case, and under the interactive model.
Oracle Separation of BQP and PH
This was a presentation at my Complexity Theory Course in the Fall of 2020. The talk focuses on the paper by Ran Raz and Avishay Tal, and explains the main concepts and proof techniques explored in the paper. The total duration of the talk was 50 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A.
These are the slides for the talk.
Original Paper

An overview of Quantum Optimization and Quantum Machine Learning
This was an invited talk at the Faculty Development Program at the JNTU, Anantapuram, India. The talk focuses on introductory concepts and serves as a gateway into the field. The total duration of the talk was 3 hours divided over two sessions.
These are the slides for the talk.

Applying the Quantum Alternating Operator Ansatz to the Graph Matching Problem
This was the video recording of the presentation of my work with my advisor Dr. Debajyoti Bera at AQIS’20. I have linked the pre-print version, video and slides below.

The HHL algorithm for solving linear system of equations
This was a Gong Show talk I gave at the 4th Advanced School of CSE, hosted by the Israel Institute of Advanced Studies, Jerusalem. I have linked the slides, and the video below. I have also provided my revised notes which I had contributed towards the “Teach Me Quantum” category of the IBMQ awards (2019-2020), in which we won the second place prize.
My notes on HHL
The original paper.

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